Crafty ICO Ending soon. Grab your tokens now!

on February 03 at 05:27 AM


???? This ICO ends in 3 Days!!! Do not miss out!????


I just signed up and waiting to see if they will deliver but the concept behind this company is quite interesting, I recommend you read the information on their website. 


It seems to be a token that links clients with customers with using AI and could send shockwaves through the digital labor market.


#Crafty is airdropping 20.000.000 CFTY tokens! 


To receive your free tokens complete the following steps:


1. Join the Telegram group here:

2. Complete and submit this airdrop form:

3. Register and become an affiliate here:

4. Wait for your tokens ????




1. How can I join ICO?

Token pre sale is now LIVE, you can buy tokens with up to 20% bonus through our smart contract. Check out the pre sale tickets with bonuses on the website.

There is a minimum amount of 6.797 ETH to take bonuses and buying through the smart contract. Do not send less than that, the transaction will return. 


2. I want to buy less than 6.797 ETH, can I?

YES, but you need to do it through the dashboard, the minimum amount is 0.02 ETH


3. What's the individual cap?

Mini 0.02 ETH. No Max individual cap for now 


4. What is the Total Supply and CFTY token rate? 

10B CFTY tokens

1 ETH – 147,142 CFTY


5. When tokens will release?

After ICO ended.


6. When tokens will hit the exchange?

We cannot comment on exchanges due to compliance rules.


7. Do you have a referral program?

YES, share your referral link and earn back 5% CFTY on referral purchases. Enter





???? Stay Alert ???? 

Scammers from fake website fake emails or fake telegram private messages, always report to admin for suspicious, we will never ask you for funds, everything go to our official website as:



???? Social Media ???? 








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