Evgeniy Valitskiy

  • Gender: Male
  • Born on: November 25

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  • Evgeniy Valitskiy
    Dukascopy Connect 911 - an application that pays for communication!

    How to make money in the application Dukascopy 911
    The bonus for registration and verification is 5 €. Money can be immediately withdrawn to a bank card of any bank in any country.
    Inviting friends. Here they pay 5 € for each invited friend who passed the verification.
    Answering questions in the 911 chat. The reward for the correct answer is from 0.04 to 1 franc (this equals 0.88 EUR or 1.04 USD) for each correct...  more
  • Evgeniy Valitskiy
    What is Dukascopy Bank SA?
    This is a fairly well-known Swiss group of companies, which is not only a bank, but also a trading platform and still carries out many other activities.
    We will specifically use their bank, since it is in it that we have the referral system we need. According to their referral program, after opening an account in this bank, we get access to this program and give us a personal code, entering which upon registration, the one we invited is given 5 EURO, and we are also...  more