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  • Born on: November 30

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    What happened to the withdraw button, it doesn't seem to work?
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    Shit it's been a while. Sorry I haven't been here lately, but I am back with fresh content
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    In life ... some settle down in an inside space and call it Home. Some never leave the Home that was made for their family name and the member thereof, and some live locally outside living peacefully.

    From the east, north, west or southwards locations that were the final spot to set down your roots.

    Who, What, where, and why was the option chosen to be where you are today?
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    Things in life become tough, not as you planned. Time is so short that our mistakes could jeopardize most of it, if not all of it. Our lives are fragile, we can be fragile.

    If you could start over again, would you?
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    A Blast from the past! Remember the good must come with the bad...

    JUNE 8, 2017 3:41PM CST
    The day woke very cloudy and almost gloomy. Like every Monday - Thursday, I get up at 6am, take care of myself, have breakfast, along with tons of caffeine. After three days of this kind of morning gloomy weather, that doesn’t lift until after 2 pm or so, I felt extra tired; even felt like I weighed 400 pounds from the shoulder down, even though I weigh only about 180ish.

    I walked to school, which is...  more
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    Whew! What a few days this has been!
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    Don't give 2 words, if you can't take them in 3's! - Nathaniel Hammel
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    Try not be too into yourself, It may hurt! -Nathaniel Hammel